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In case you stumbled on this site by accident, or you were simply Googling “De La Diaspora” to see what came up, let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m an NYC-based, Puerto Rican writer, fetish model, and educator whose work focuses on intersectionality and queerness. Through this platform, I seek to teach through an auto-ethnographic methodological approach — using self-reflection and writing to explore anecdotal and personal experiences and connect these narratives to broader cultural, political, and social issues.

What is De La Diaspora?

Etymologically, the word “diaspora” stems from the Greek sporo (seed), and speira (to spree). Since the 1980s, diasporas have become a focus of academic research, referring more broadly to a dispersion of people, language, or culture that was formerly concentrated in one place. I am the descendent of many waves of diaspora (aka “soy de la diaspora”): the Jewish, the African, the Muslim, and the Puerto Rican. I will focus on the two diasporas most important to my identity —the African and Puerto Rican diasporas.


La Hija De La Diaspora

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